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Re: mozilla-firefox and firefox packages

Marc Shapiro wrote:
> Micha Feigin wrote:
>> My experience is that initially firefox uses less memory then opera
>> (around 25
>> MB). The memory seems to grow comparable to the amount of time its
>> been open
>> and the number of pages opened (even in the same window, not in
>> parallel). I
>> just opened several pages of the same news site one after the other in
>> the same
>> tab. While initially the memory usage was about 25-28MB now with a
>> single tab
>> open it uses 60MB. It seems that firefox just doesn't know how to
>> clean up
>> after itself. With opera, even if the memory requirements go up with a
>> lot of
>> pages open, they come back down when you close the windows.
> Well, yesterday, my wife (who uses Firefox) complained that she could do
> nothing.  Links didn't work.  Tabs would not change.  Nada.
> I looked, and, indeed, Firefox was completely unresponsive.  Everything
> else was still functioning reasonably, however.  I ran top and the
> javavm was NOT running, but Firefox was shown as using 47% of my memory.
> Something is rotten in the State of Firefox!

Same here. Keeping Firefox running for long hours eats up more and more
memory. The experiment I report earlier was done on a new instance of
each browser, so it does not show the effects of long term use. Also the
test did not involve opening pages with lots of huge images on them.
Those are the real killer if you want to keep the same session. They
stay in the memory even after you close the tab!!

I wonder how Konqueror reponds to such usage and testing. I don't have
in installed, could someone contribute with Konqueror results?

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