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Re: Apache2 error

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 03:28:47PM +0100, Philippe Dhont  (Sea-ro) wrote:
> [emerg] (38)Function not implemented: Couldn't create accept lock
> Kernel is
> Dual xeon proc, 1gb ram
> New installation, everything installed with apt-get
> I have no idea what it means....

Typically, this would mean that the specified method to create mutex
locks (for multiplexing/serializing several child processes) is not
supported by the system, or is failing for whatever reason.  You could
try to select some other method, such as 'fcntl', 'flock', ... with
the AcceptMutex directive.  See

For the file-based mechanisms, it could also mean that the file simply
cannot be created due to permission problems, or somesuch...

If that doesn't help: which apache version, which debian (sarge,...)
are you running?

Also try checking the BTS -- IIRC, there had once been a related bug
(quite some time ago, though, so that should really be fixed by now).
Even if it's not exactly the same issue, this sometimes does give hints
on where to start looking...


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