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Re: fsck errors on boot

Z F wrote:

<< big snip >>

In my case, I downgraded the e2fsprogs to 1.38-2 and the errors went away.So, even it it is not e2fsprogs, downgrading the package fixed
the problem. Some other rudimentary errors remain though.
THese have to do with complains that some files are corrupted
in /etc/modprob.d directory. Files look good to me, so maybe
some other package needs to be downgraded too.

So forgive my ignorance, but how did you downgrade? I tried apt-get remove e2fsprogs and that is definitely a bad idea. Also tried apt-get install -t testing e2fsprogs, but that says e2* is already newest version. Do I need to pin the version in apt.conf? or use dpkg to install the .deb for older version?



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