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Re: fsck errors on boot

Paulo Marcel Coelho Aragao wrote:
Andrew Sackville-West wrote on Dec, 16:


errors look like this

/dev/hda3: Superblock last mount time is in the future


This has just happened to me when I booted with a Knoppix Live CD and mounted /dev/hda1. I didn't dig deeper into the problem, but Knoppix seemed to have set the system time incorrectly. It looks as though the last mount time is written to the filesystem superblock, so root was left with the Knoppix wrong system time. When I booted with Debian, I got the same messages you got. I didn't run fsck manually. At the next Debian reboot, fsck was automatically run and then, no more error msgs.

I just used a knoppix disk to do fsck on all my partitions (as I couldn't get to / to do fsck manually). Then I rebooted into knoppix again and ran fsck on all partitions and they came up clean. so I reboot into debian and again get the errors. I know what you're saying that maybe knoppix is writing incorrectly, but I got this error long before I thought of sticking knoppix in. And I don't get an automatic fsck on reboots either.

I think its a e2fsprogs issue. what version are you running?

knoppix is currently 1.38 (30-Jun-2005) and I'm running 1.39-WIP (10-Dec-2005).

so with totally clean partitions from Knoppix, I still get errors. Some of those partitions were never mounted in knoppix either and should not be generating this error as no new mount time should be written.



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