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Re: screen resolution in GUI

On 15/12/05, Dan Sheffner <dsheffner@gmail.com> wrote:
I keep trying to get Debian to load a GUI to 1280X1024 resolution.  I run the install and select the correct driver for my video card.  Then when it asks about my monitor I select the medium option and select 1280X1024 @ 75.  I know this resolution is supported for this monitor but I continue to get to the GUI and only supports 800X600 and 640X480 are available.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?

It is necessary to add certain elements to xorg.conf or xfree86.conf (or whatever it is for XFree86) which can be found at /etc/X11. First, follow the directions at the top of the file. They will tell you how to edit it (if you just edit, it won't update properly). Under configured screen (I'm not too sure what the sub-heading is: look for "800x600" "640x480"), add "1280x1024".

That should do the trick. If not, post the contents of the .conf file and we'll try to help you more.

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