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Elisabetta.Strazzeri@roma2.infn.it wrote:

> Hi all ,
> I'm very sorry for disturbing you

Why should you be sorry? The aim of this list is to share knowledge and help
each other.

> but I had a serious problem when I tried 
> to installing qt3-3.0.4-3.1mdk.src.rpm.

You are running Mandrake? You should know that this list is devoted to
Debian (and probably there are other lists that could help you better).
However, I'll do my best...

> I digited "rpm -i qt3-3.0.4-3.1mdk.src.rpm" 

Is this a source package ("src.rpm")? Are you sure you need it? Isn't there
a binary package?

> and then it compaired : 
> warning: user juanma does not exist - using root
> warning: group juanma does not exist - using root


Looks like juanma/juanma is the username/groupname under which the RPM was
created. Are you running "rpm -i" as root? The package manager (rpm),
should take care of changing ownerships of files extracted from a

> Please help me .
> Thank you for you patience.

You are most welcome. Anyway, some suggestions:

Try to make the subject of the post more appealing, and informative for the
readers, than just "HELP". E.g., "Strange warning when installing .src.rpm
file" could be better.

If the problem regards some other Linux distro, post to the corresponding
list. I don't mean to be harsh, it's just better for you, because they'll
know how to help you better.

If some message, like "warning: user juanma [...]", is repeated many times,
you can just write down the two lines that are original ([...]user juanma
[...]" and "[...] group juanma [...]", and then say that they are repeated.
It makes for shorter posts, easier to read, no need to scroll down because
the post is long, and the reader doesn't need to read all the lines
thinking to him/herself "mmmm, they look identical to me" :^)


Iñaki Silanes
Chemistry Faculty UPV-EHU Donostia
On Intelligent Design: http://www.venganza.org/
About MS Windows: http://www.vanwensveen.nl/rants/microsoft/IhateMS.html
Europe against DMCA-like laws: http://makeashorterlink.com/?Y28633E4C 

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