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On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 13:07 +0100, Elisabetta.Strazzeri@roma2.infn.it
> Hi all ,
> I'm very sorry for disturbing you but I had a serious problem when I tried
> to installing qt3-3.0.4-3.1mdk.src.rpm .
> I digited "rpm -i qt3-3.0.4-3.1mdk.src.rpm" and then it compaired :
> warning: user juanma does not exist - using root
> warning: group juanma does not exist - using root

That is a Mandrake source rpm.  If you are using a Debian system, there
is absolutely no need to install Mandrake rpms of qt, for which there
are already Debian packages.

If you aren't installing on a Debian system, you are asking the wrong

Oliver Elphick

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