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Re: apt-get upgrade fails due to kernel-image problem

On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 14:14 +0100, gregory duchesnes wrote:
> Do you know where i could find those 3Mb? I don't wnanna break anything 
> and i don't know what i could remove from /

It all depends what you have installed.

What might be simpler is to swap your /tmp and / partitions:

        reboot into single user mode
        unmount all filesystems except /tmp
        rm -rf /tmp/*
        cp -a /[A-Z0-9a-su-z]* /tmp
        cp -a /t* /tmp  except for /tmp itself
        mkdir /tmp/tmp
        chmod a+trwx /tmp/tmp
        vi /tmp/etc/fstab and swap the devices for / and /tmp
        either (if you boot with grub)
                vi /boot/grub/menu.lst and change the root partition in
                both (hd0,n) and the root specification to the kernel, 
        or (if you use lilo)
                vi /etc/lilo.conf and change the root partition and then
                (very important) run lilo to rewrite the boot sector
        reboot  (note that the boot clearance of /tmp will now delete
        all your old root partition files, so it is vital to make sure
        that everything in /tmp is correct before you do this)
You should now have your root partition in a 449M partition and your
other problem will have gone away.  Of course, if you get it wrong you
could have wrecked your system...


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