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Re: What would I do without partimage?

mmarsman@afab.nl (Martijn Marsman) writes:

> There is also Ghost4linux (not the real Norton stuff)
> and i must say, it works great ! :D
> ghost multiple clients on a network, via ftp! try it out!
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/g4l/
I downloaded it, bootet it and what did i end up with? With
partimage. This g4l seems to be nothing more than a bootable mini
linux with a ncurses frontend for some utilities and partimage...

For ntfs partitions, i prefer the more mature ntfs support of the
ntfsprogs and the added benefit of loop mounting an NTFS image file.
BTW, to save an image via network one can use whatever the pipe
permits. Here are some samples from the man page:

       Backup an NTFS volume to a remote host, using ssh.

              ntfsclone --save-image --output - /dev/hda1 | \
              gzip -c | ssh host 'cat > backup.img.gz'

       Restore an NTFS volume from a remote host via ssh.

              ssh host 'cat backup.img.gz' | gunzip -c | \
              ntfsclone --restore-image --overwrite /dev/hda1 -

       Stream an image from a web server and restore it to a partition

              wget -qO - http://server/backup.img | \
              ntfsclone --restore-image --overwrite /dev/hda1 -

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