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Re: openoffice hangs with 2.6 kernel

On 12/14/2005 11:50 PM, David Zelinsky wrote:

> I'm running sarge, so I tried installing it from backports.org, but it
> wouldn't install.  It depended on some other package that didn't exist
> anywhere (don't remember which).
> As for my original problem, I've discovered that when I try to open a
> document and it appears to hang, if I wait long enough (several
> minutes) it eventually opens.  Then opening other documents happens
> quickly.  I thought the problem was cured, but when I logged in again,
> I again had to wait a long time to open the first document.
> -David


OOo 2.0 runs fine on this sarge box with the stock kernel-image,
2.6.8-2-686.  I had some install issues which were quickly handled by
the mail list:

OOo2 sarge backport fails

Your "hang" problem may be what I experienced.  While OOo runs fine
without a java runtime, it does hang the system /looking/ for that
runtime.  Just un-check the jre option in the tools/options menu. You
will need the jre to run the openoffice.org-base module (database) and
to use the wizards for creating documents.

I later installed the blackdown java .deb as suggested in the thread above.


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