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Re: Slow copy

On (15/12/05 12:42), Graham Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> This is perhaps one of the stranger questions to be asked but I'm looking for 
> a utility that will copy a file slowly.
> Part of my ad hoc backup system is to copy the nightly backup tar file from 
> our production machine onto another machine. The problem is that the 
> production machine is not exactly what you would call high performance and 
> the file copy basically causes everything else to grind to a halt. It doesn't 
> matter to me that the copy is done in 5 minutes or 50 minutes what matters is 
> that it doesn't kill the server for 5 minutes a day.
> What I am basically looking for is a version of cp with a max copy rate 
> argument. I would write my own but I can't believe that I'm the only one who 
> has ever wanted this feature so I suspect there is one already in existence.
Have you tried rsync?  It may not alleviate the slowdown of the
production machine but it would shorten the time of transfer; rsync only
copies changed files.

It would however require backing up the files themselves rather the

I put up some notes on backing up a file server using rsync with some
links I found really useful:



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