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Re: What would I do without partimage?

On Thursday 15 December 2005 13:25, William Ballard wrote:
> I literally would be unable to use Microsoft Windows if I couldn't stay
> mostly booted in Debian and manage that godawfulness with partimage.
> Every time I boot into it I restore a clean partimage of XP, let it puke
> all over itself, then restore the cleanness.
> It's the only thing that makes patching Windows remotely tolerable.
> Eventually partimage will stop working on new versions of NTFS, and it
> seems to not be maintained anymore.  It was removed from Sarge.
> Are there other tools that work like Ghost but in Linux?  Partimage is
> great.

You could use dd, and compress the image, or use an emulator with a COW disk 

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