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Re: After upgrade no bootup.

did you setup your 'net in Knoppix ? use 'netcardconfig' from a knoppix (NOT where you chroot'ed) root terminal


pascal@deception.nl wrote:

I got stuck.

Booted with Knoppix.
I mounted and chroot'ed into /mnt/hda1
Ran aptitude purge yaird.
Instantly aptitude offered me the choose to downgrade to testing, which
should solve the dependencies, so I accepted this choose

In the links you gave, you mentioned you got at least the initramfs-tools
installed. Never used it though.
Well, problem is: can't get eth0 up.
Do I have to mount my proc system somehow. Or do I have to get a newer
Knoppix (uses 2.6.9)?

Probably last answer?

Thx, Pascal.

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Onderwerp: Re: After upgrade no bootup.

pascal@deception.nl wrote:

Today I upgraded my system.

It wouldn't boot up. Instead it give me this error:

Waiting 2 seconds /sys/block/hda/dev to show up.

/bin/cat:/sys/block/hda/dev: no such file or directory.

Is this fixable or do I have to set up my complete system again? Hope not.


Here is what worked for me:


post your steps if you get stuck



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