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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

Seth Goodman wrote:
> I know this is a Debian list, but there is Windows tool called 7-zip
> that is distributed under the LGPL that can deal with zip, tar, gz and
> bz2.  This makes me suspect that there cannot be any patent hindrances
> to the zip format itself.

    IIRC one of the algorithms that can be used in zip is lzw which is (or
was) patented.  Remember, just because something is under the (l)gpl does not
mean it is patent free.  I could easily write an mp3 player and distribute it
under the gpl, doesn't change the fact that mp3 is patented.

> Since my Windows and Debian boxes are connected through SAMBA, I have no
> problem running the 7-zip tool on a Windows box and leaving the result
> on a Debian machine.  Yes, this is both impure and heretical and I
> expect to be flamed all the way to the gates of hell for mentioning it.

    Not from me.  Use 7-zip here myself.  Far prefer it to the alternatives on
Windows which are either useless or commercial (and about as useless).

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