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Re: Built 2.6.14!

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 10:34:05AM -0500, Piszcz, Justin wrote:
> Why use initrd at all (as long as you are not using a RAID ROOT
> volume)

Yeah I'd avoid usind initrd. The only problem there is since you based
your config on the existing one for the debian kernel, you may need to
go through and disable a whole lot of options for hardware you don't
have to make the compile time sane and the kernel small enough to not
require an initrd.

> Try installing with ik, http://installkernel.tripod.com/
> Configure your kernel and LILO/GRUB then run:
> ./ik -i
> Then reboot.

Eek! I'd stick to make-kpkg if you can help it, that way you satisfy
debian package dependencies etc. and if things go wrong, you are more
likely to get help here than with ik.

Jon Dowland

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