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Built 2.6.14!

Yes, I succeded for the first time in building a kernel. Since the Sid version 
came up with "Kernel modules not enabled" and loads of undefined symbols, no 
alsa, etc., I based the build on the working 2.6.11 config. Answered a bunch 
of questions for new items, taking mostly the defaults except for choosing 
preemption and a couple of other interesting-looking goodies. Ran make-kpkg 
and viole. Painless.

I installed the .deb. Yaird is broken but never worked for me anyway so made 
the initrd the old fashioned way. Ran lilo and rebooted.

The kernel booted and came up ... exactly like the Sid version with all the 
same errors! So ...

1. I am not using udev. Apparently not using devfs either because I compiled 
that into the kernel with no change. Since I am based on an older knoppix 
install, what exactly am I using? Devpts is what? How do I get modules active 
and alsa working?

2. While I cam compiling, I might as well dispense with the initrd. The linux 
filesystems are all ext3 so I must compile in ext3, ext3, jbd and what else? 
(I use mkinitrd with "dep" and explicitely call for ext3.)

Nice satisfaction on making my own kernel for the first time but still cannot 
use it :-(

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