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Re: Where is the script update-grub located?

On Monday, 12 December 2005 at 23:36:03 -0500, David R. Litwin wrote:
> > In any case, I think anyway that update-grub could not work from
> > Windows, since it's a Linux program, right?
> I was wondering about that myself. I thought it best to at least try it,
> though. Not much success since I can't even find it, though....
> You should be able to do anything you need from the Grub prompt,
> > though.  That's one of the main benefits of grub, I though.
> My thoughts as well. The problem is that I do not know what to run. I tried
> c and then tab to see my options: nothing looks terribly promising.
> I did write down what it says after I boot in to Linux and directly after it
> says unloading kernel:
> bin/cat: /sys/block/hda/dev: no such file or directory
> Then it says some thing like waiting for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 seconds (it does
> all four in that order) for file to appear.
> It goes on to say that it couldn't find it and that this is a debugging
> opportunity: I have but to type ^D. 

Isn't the ^D to _end_ the shell session, after you have done your
debugging?  Try giving a shell command first, before the ^D.  You should
be able to navigate to the file and to use vi (but probably not vim) to
edit it.

But it's surely  be simpler to just boot from  live cd (Knoppix would be
my favourite) and do the repairs from there.


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