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Re: scsi device naming / driver built in kernel 2.6.x

Gebhardt Thomas wrote:
> On Monday 12 December 2005 14:52, L.V.Gandhi wrote:
>> There is a work out with udev See the article in
>> http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/126.
>> same principle can be applied for your USB hard drive.
> (should probably read
>   ... can be applied for your SCSI hard drive)
> Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm booting and mounting /
> from /dev/sda. As far as I can see the udev solution needs
> some user space tools that are available only after the boot,
> i.e., after the disks have already been named. Or did I miss
> something here?

But there is an alternative: compile the host-adapter with the rootfs disk
_into_ the kernel. This way, it will always be the first host adapter.
Then, compile the other host adapter driver as module. udev or hotplug will
automatically load it.
If you know what the system is, only _very_ rare cases really need an
initrd. Most system can go with without an initrd and thus with less pain.


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