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Re: tools Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

hi ya hendrik

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:

> I've never been able fo figure out what webmin does in sufficient
> detail to enable me to use it.

i know webmin is broken in terms of creating the correct
config files ... ( or good enuff for some .. but not 
the silly boat i want )
>   that link to documentation -- documentation that fills you
>       into the bigger picture, rather that just the
>       out-of-context microprose most help systems
>       provide.

tough to do

>   that enable you to learn what's going on under the hood
>       without forcing you to.

tough to teach by docs...
	- teaching by example is okay i suppose

	- "teaching what's under the hood" will take decades even
	if you're a speed reader and a genious with iq over 120

>   that tell you which configuration files they are going
>       to modify/create/delete and why

that's where most gui tools screw up big time
in modifying/merging/updating old and new changes
along with user modified changes

>   that read your configuration files and explain them to you.

bedtime story :-)

the kernel config gui ain't too bad .. ( simple )
	- it tells yo a little about the option
	- it tells you what to select if you donno
	- it talls you it can break things if you donno what
	you're doing

	- the kernel gui sucks ... if you tell it to
	skip isdn or flash mem stuff... it insists on popping up
	all the isdn stuff just to make you click away

	( it needs to be context sensitve )

> Of course that would all be easier if there were to be
> a uniform file format for configuration files.  And that
> might be possible if there were a uniform semantics.

it looks like rss, css, and html style is taking over
and its not much better than ole fashin man pages

> I don't think anyone has yet formulated a workable semantic
> framework for configuration.  Or have I missed something important?

nope ... its on the horizon

c ya

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