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Re: SOLVED, maybe: mail no longer vanishes, but new problems abound.

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
My mail no longer vanished overnight.
The big clue to the problem came when someone changed my root password.

So you were rooted, as some supposed.


As soon as I noticed this, I took my machine offline and began a
reinstall from scratch.

[and had some problems, which I can't resolve because of being offline]

I presume that this is because you don't know at what point you
were rooted, so you don't know how far back in your backups you
need to go.

I wouldn't start from there. I'd first make a backup of my system
as it is, before doing anything. (Yes, leave the cable unplugged
from your WAN connection.)

Seemingly, you do not need this machine as a server for others.
In that case, I'd install a firewall (like a router) which
stealthed my IP ports (except for the e-mail challenge one,
which I'd keep closed), and then re-connect after stealthing.

Failing the ability to do that, where do you live? I might be
willing to pull stuff from the net and burn CDs for you, if
you need it. But be aware that the snail mail in the USA
(where I happen to live) is slow right now, due to the
"christmas glut" of mail.

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