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Re: sort amarok playlists on multiple fields?

Matt Price wrote:

> anyone know a way to sort amarok playlists on multiple fields?  so,
> for instance, can one sort
> First by Artist
>    Then by Album
>        Then by track number
> so that the playlist goes through your collection album by album?

I am using amaroK 1.3, and I think that if you sort by "Artist", it does
just the above. I /think/ amaroK sorts by the column you choose, and then
consecutively by the following columns (which turn out to be "Album" and
"Track"). However, there are some caveats...

If you have albums with songs by different artists, these songs won't appear
together in the list.

If you switch to sort by "Album" (to have multi-author album songs correctly
grouped), then (and since the "Artist" column /precedes/ the "Album" one),
two consecutive albums will not necessarily (read "almost never") belong to
the same artist. However, inside each album block, the songs _will_ be
ordered by track number.

Iñaki Silanes / Chemistry Faculty UPV-EHU Donostia
On Intelligent Design: http://www.venganza.org/

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