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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

Some thing I wish for are

  A diagnostic index -- solutions indexed by symptom.  IBM once had
one of these for OS/2.  It starts with common classes of complaints,
like, the screen stays black, and ends up in a tree of possibilities.
Obvious things like "make sure it's turned on".  Unobvious things,
eventually, like subtle misconfigurations of obscure video cards.
And. of course, places for people to report what did and did not
work and fill in new things to try.

  A manually, lovingly maintained index/summary to high-volume lists
like debian-user.  Naybe this could even be partially automated
by allowing debian-users to include search terms in their posts,
for initial tentative classification.

  Either of these could be done within the debian wiki, I suppose.

  How to structure this so that it is both collaborative and effective
is probably a high art.

-- hendrik

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