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openoffice hangs with 2.6 kernel

I recently upgraded my kernel from 2.4 to 2.6.14, and now openoffice
freezes whenever I try to open a document, or to start a new
one.  When I boot into the old 2.4 kernel, it works fine.

Any suggestions?

I tried looking through the list of openoffice bugs.  I didn't see
anything related, though the list was pretty extensive so I could have
missed something.

Here are some system details:  I'm running Sarge on an IBM Thinkpad,
with these openoffice packages installed:

% dpkg -l | grep openoffice
ii  openoffice.org                  1.1.3-9
ii  openoffice.org-bin              1.1.3-9
ii  openoffice.org-debian-files     1.1.3-8+1
ii  openoffice.org-help-en          1.1+20040420-3
ii  openoffice.org-l10n-en          1.1.3-9
ii  openoffice.org-mimelnk          1.1.3-9

David Zelinsky

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