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Re: C++ development tool/platform

> hope it's not vi

Proficiency is almost always earned. A tool that is very easy to use has its 
limitations. It is like learning to type: "hunt and peck" is easier than 
keeping your eyes off the keyboard when learning to touch type but once you 
earn the proviciency of touch typing...

An IDE (kdevelop, etc.) can be usful but know what it is doing behind the GUI. 
Also, learn to use tools like cvs and friends. Again, cervisia is a good 
front end for cvs but learning the command line cvs is a must in my opinion.

Oh, and choose a good text editor. Once you earn your proficiency there will 
be a payoff. Choose vi. ;)

BTW, Elise Huard <e.huard@ibelgique.com> seems to be an undeliverable address:

<e.huard@ibelgique.com>: permission denied. Command output: maildrop: maildir
    over quota.


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