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Re: Unable to mount nfs share.


Thx, for you're reply!

>Can you give us the output of "mount"?
>Because I don't see anything wrong in the information above...
from the client:

mount: access denied.

Also I've done some further experimenting.
>From my laptop running Suse, I can mount the share on the server without
any problems.

I can mount a share on the Suse laptop from the server.

I can't mount anything from the "client".

Conclusion: problem exsists at the client.

So, I thought it had something to do with name-resolving. It had
multiple domain names. Changed the configuration to have one name.
No result.
Thought it would have something to do with the user accounts numbering,
but as it is root who's mounting (which is 0). The system shouldn't get
confused with user rights. Not sure though.

The client is my router, mail server, runs bind, dhcp, and netfilter. It
should have complete access, back and forth to the lan.

Solved it. Brought down netfilter.

Firewall on the client was giving me the troubles. Have to closely
reexamine the firewall rules.

Thx, for helping out.


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