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Jumpy Mouse on Sarge W/ 2.6 Kernel

I've seen a number of posts and comments about this on the web, but I haven't 
found anything yet that actually provides an answer of what to do.  I've seen 
references to solving the problem, but those that mention a solution never 
actually give one.

I have a system with PS/2 connectors for the mouse and the keyboard.  I tried 
installing Sarge with the 2.6 kernel, and the mouse movement was inconsistent 
and jumped all over the place.  I tried booting Knoppix with a 2.6 kernel and 
got the same thing.  After a lot of research I found out that there was a 
change in the 2.6 kernel in how it handles a PS/2 mouse.  I bought a PS/2 -> 
USB converter for the keyboard and mouse and tried that.  It worked, mostly, 
but it kept firing in extra characters from the keyboard -- often repeating 
endlessly the last character I typed or sometimes firing off random 
characters.  I finally had to go with a 2.4 kernel, but soon I'll be 
re-installing my workstation and I'd like to run Sid on the workstation and 
use all the new toys.  (Yes, I know -- I'm going to install a partition on 
the workstation with Sarge for when Sid is broken.)

I've read that there is at least one fix for using a PS/2 mouse on a 2.6 
kernel, but, as I said, I can't find the actual fix.

Any help here on getting a PS/2 mouse to behave on 2.6?



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