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Re: Sound, xmms and Xfce

(Sorry to break threading with this)

Keith Bates wrote:
> I've just started trying out Xfce and immediately discovered that I
> can't run xmms. I get the error message "Couldn't open audio- Please
> check that your sound card is configured correctly"

Basajaun wrote:

>You can run xmms, but what you can't do is play(hear) anything, right?
>Maybe do "ctrl-p" (preferences) in xmms, and change the "Output plugin"
>in the "Autio I/O plugins" tab to ALSA, or to something else, till it

I just discovered this reply in the archives. I must have missed it
when Basajaun replied.

Thankyou- it now works

God bless you,

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