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start-stop-daemon and java

Have a question which i think relates to s-s-d more than java but as i've
been learning, what do i know?

part of my init.d script.
ARGS="-Xmx256M -jar jsyncmanager.jar --server"

# Carry out specific functions when asked to by the system
case "$1" in
    echo "Starting jsyncmanager"
    start-stop-daemon -Sbm -p $PIDFILE  -c $APPUSER -d $APPDIR  -x
"/usr/bin/java" -- $ARGS

this was derived from a command line

java -Xmx256M -jar jsyncmanager.jar --server 2>>out2 &

The problem is getting a java application to start using an init.d script,
honouring the pidfile to keep it from running more than once (which the
s-s-d does) but also trap stderr in a log file.

if I modify $ARGS to include ...--server 2>>/home/jsync/out2.txt

the out2.txt file never gets created or added to.
there is a ~jsync folder in that location and both root and jsync have
permissions to write there so I'm wondering if this is a quirk of how s-s-d

anyone been in this area themselves?

This is Sarge and JRE 1.5 (build 5 i think)

Confirmation that this is the same or different for non-java stuff would
also be appreciated.

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