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Re: USB DVD burners

On 10:37, Thu 08 Dec 05, dbarker@turing.cs.camosun.bc.ca wrote:
> Maybe I forgot to hit send yesterday....
> I was wondering what experience - good or bad - people had had with
> USB DVD burners.
> In principal they should be easy, but in reality?
> Any info much appreciated.
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I have had no problems with usb dvd burners, just make sure
you include all the proper usb modules in your kernel. Also
I would suggest you make your own, as most usb dvd burners
are not know as the best burners in their class.

For example a good internal burner can be had for 50
dollars, and good encloser can go for about the same. The
cheapest external usb burner was going for 120-150 range and
up. In the end it was cheaper to build my own, and I got to
choose the encloser. I choose the vantec stealth line, which
does not need an power adapter. It has it built in, so all
you need is a standard powercord, and it also has a little
fan to cool the drive.

Also you can get, a firewire enclosure which should be
faster then usb2. I know that they are both rated about the
same speed, but from other threads people have seen a slight
increase in speed.

One thing about usb is your probably not going to get super
fast burns, as you would with sata, or ide, so if you think
you can burn 16x dvd +-rw what not, your probably not going
to get that.

Also if you plug, replug you drive into the machine you
might need to keep track of what the kernel assigns to the
drive. Sometimes you get a device number change, which might
affect your backup scripts. 

The nice thing about building your own, is you can always
upgrade to another drive. Just take out the old one and put
it in a system, then get a new faster drive. With oem usb
burners,  you might not be able to do that. Also their is
the question of firmware upgrading, with a homebuilt
solution you should not have the problem. I have been able
to upgrade my firmware without any problems.

But then again it might be the choice of the dvd-burner I
choose which was very popular at the time and has good
support. Give it a shot you will probably like the results,
I did and I use mine all the time, very happy.


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