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Re: Soundblaster Silent on Reboot

On 12/9/05, Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com> wrote:
> I don't see any Alsa files.  It's whatever Sarge sets it up as by default.
> That's part of the problem -- I'm not clear what, other than the drivers
> mentioned in dmesg, are available in Sarge by default.  It was working
> perfectly until I powered down and relocated the system.  While that
> indicates hardware problems, this is an important part of the LAN and I don't
> want to pull it apart until I'm sure it's not a config problem that may have
> happend because of some setting or something.

It should be alsa...
check lsmod, you should see modules such as snd_emu10k1
if not, run alsaconf, it should setup your system so that the next
time it reboots, the modules will be loaded.

after runnung alsaconf, run alsamixer, set your volumes, and run
alsactl store (as root) and then you should be good to go

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