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Soundblaster Silent on Reboot

I recently had power outages (as mentioned elsewhere) and had to re-organize 
several systems.  I have one system with a SB! Live card with Sarge 
installed.  There's no X, so I use Aumix for sound levels.  I have a signal 
from a radio going into the sound card and a line to a mixer, with speakers 
on the output.  This system survived the unplanned power outages, but when I 
shut it  (and all my other systems down) to re-organize and plug them all 
into some UPSs, then turned them on afterwards, suddenly there was no sound.  
I checked dmesg, and there are no error messages and the drivers load.  I 
checked Aumix, and the volumes are the same as before, but now there is no 
sound output.

I've checked the cables, made sure the input sound from the radio is still 
good, and even connected it directly to the output cable I was using (with an 
adapter), and it works.  I've tried using play to play back .wav files, and 
there is no sound.  I realize the SoundBlaster may have failed, but I'd like 
to find a way to test it and be sure it's the card before I take apart the 
system and replace it.

What else can I check to try to find what went wrong and why I have no sound?



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