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Re: mod_perl installation docs

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 11:06:39AM -0500, Mark Copper wrote:
> In /usr/share/doc/apache-perl/README-perl.Debian it says 
>   "Apache can be configured to pass requests for dynamic content to a 
>   second server.  See the mod_perl documentation for more details on this."
> Would any of you mind sharing more specific information?  Like
> approximately where in the mod_perl documentation this might be found?

Not exactly sure which mod_perl documentation this is referring to, but
there's very good docs at http://perl.apache.org, in particular the
mod_perl guide:


(this has been written for apache-1, but most of it still holds for
apache-2, and you'll also find other docs explaining the differences.)

As to running two servers (i.e. a light-weight frontend, and a
heavy-weight (mod_perl) backend server), these two chapters from the
guide will probably be most interesting:


specifically this section:


All not debian-specific, but highly recommended nevertheless, for all
levels from newbie to expert.  Once you have a clear idea of what you
want, you can begin figuring out how to do it the debian way... :)


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