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mod_perl installation docs


Trying to do things the Debian way, I installed the apache source
package.  My only confusion there was I missed any instruction regarding
the order in which the debs were to be installed.  So I took a guess and
installed them one by one, installing extra packages as required by

Now apache, apache-perl, apache-ssl sit at S91 in rc2.d.  And though no
problems are reported at boot time, no apache-perl process is started,
only apache and apache-ssl.

In /usr/share/doc/apache-perl/README-perl.Debian it says 
  "Apache can be configured to pass requests for dynamic content to a 
  second server.  See the mod_perl documentation for more details on this."

Would any of you mind sharing more specific information?  Like
approximately where in the mod_perl documentation this might be found?



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