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Re: .xmodmap and .Xsession are ignored

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ wrote:
2005/12/8, Renee Klawitter <klawitter@email.de>:
The file is actually ~/.xsession .  You'll need to make sure it's
executable too.  How do you start X?  If you're going through gdm or
something like that, choose 'default X session' from the sessions
menu.  You have to run xrdb ~/.Xresources, so just add it to your


Okay, now I have linked /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager to /usr/bin/ion3 and everythings works fine when I choose default session in gdm, execpt .xsession is still not heeded, when I start X. Is there another way to choose the default session ? ( maybe the one right way ?? )
According to "/usr/share/doc/x11-common/FAQ.gz", ~/.xsession is the
correct way of customizing one's X sessión, as long as the system
administrator has disabled the possibility. More answers lie at "man 5
Xsession.options". Make sure that gdm is honouring ~/.xsession (for
example, try running X through "startx" and see what you get).

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ <gonhidi@gmail.com>

AFAIK ~/.xsession is used _only_ when you use startx. gdm is configured elsewhere (never bothered to search as the graphical setup was enough for my needs)

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