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Re: Graphire3 under debian sarge

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Henk Boom wrote:
> I've installed the 2.6 kernel in sarge, then (after reinstalling my
> nvidia drivers) did "m-a auto-install wacom" to install the wacom
> module, then rebooted. Now, instead of acting properly as a USB mouse,
> when I move the pen close to the tablet the cursor jitters wildly up
> and down. "xsetwacom list dev" still yields no results. The tablet
> still works properly as a regular USB mouse in 2.4.

From drivers/usb/input/wacom.c:
 *    v1.30.1 (pi) - Added Graphire3 support

It may be possible that the version in 2.6.8 is older than that but 
backports.org has 2.6.14 available (you also need to get "yaird" from there 
in this case), 2.6.11 hat version 1.4.0.

You must also _NOT_ use /dev/input/mice any longer because in this case, you 
will get all events twice.


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