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Re: Qmail redundant mail delivery

Jay Zach wrote:
> For some reason I keep getting multiple messages of the same message to my
> inbox.  Qmail redelivers all messages multiple times, like it thinks that it
> doesn't deliver them, even though it does.  I play around with it and change
> permissions, and restart qmail, and it seems to start working, then the next day
> it starts all over again.  I have dovecot mucking around in the same Maildir
> directory, so that's a possible source of a conflict I suppose.   Any ideas
> would be greatly appreciated, as this is starting to drive me nuts! (yes I
> created the Maildir with the maildirmake command)         Thanks!!!!

Never mind, I just did an apt-get upgrade and it seems to be working now.....
Not sure which of the following packages might have helped, maybe gcc ??

 apt apt-move apt-utils cpp-4.0 debconf debconf-i18n dhcp-client discover1
findutils gcc-4.0 gcc-4.0-base libdiscover1 libgcc1 libhtml-parser-perl
  libkrb53 libsmbclient libstdc++6 libsysfs1 libxslt1.1 make net-tools
python2.3-apt samba-doc setserial ucf whois zsh


BOFH excuse #346:

Your/our computer(s) had suffered a memory leak, and we are waiting for them to
be topped up.

Wednesday Dec 07, 2005


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