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lvm problems

Hi I currently run Debian Unstable on a PII/350 dual cpu machine.

It is running 2.4.27 and i've recent;y had to reboot it due to a power failure.

There is a 3 drive LVM volume on it, across 3 36GB scsi drives connected to a Adaptec 2940U2W car.The filesystem on all
drives is XFS.

The system came back up fine except for the LVM volume.

It now won't load/mount for some reason.

I'm getting the following errors:

I get the following error if I try  to run 'vgchange -a y 3diskvolume:

device-mapper ioctl cmd 11 failed: Invalid argument
  _deps: task run failed for (254:0)
  Failed to add device (254:0) to dtree
  1 logical volume(s) in volume group "3diskvolume" now active

It obviously won't mount after that as mount tells me it can't find the superblock etc.

I also noticed from the dmesg output the following:

device-mapper: one of name or uuid must be supplied, cmd(11)

This appears when the previously mentioned command is run.

I've no idea what this means or if it isa case of a re-install of the base system might fix this? maybe something with the
base system has gone a bit fubar?

any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

fn:Miss Kelly Harding

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