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Re: Raid 5 detects but doesn't start on boot

Hi Hank.

> New sarge install.
> System is on hda under lvm, works fine.
> Created raid 5 device after system was built
> dmesg shows autodetect of the array
> Array doesn't start (nor lvm on top of it) during boot though.


> It all seems rather kludgy to me ... what do I have to do to get the
> array and lvm to start during the normal boot sequence early enough such
> that mount points can be in fstab?  

Maybe you want to rely on the RAID autodetection / autostart features of the
kernel, in which case you will have to rebuild your kernel with RAID and LVM
built in, in stead of having these available as modules.

This works for RAID, I'm not sure for LVM though..



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