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Re: Problem running Corel WP

Hodgins Family wrote:

Good morning!

I am using Corel WP Office 2002

But WP is the one I want.  I do not like MWord.
It will not communicate with the printer and I don't know how
to tell George (my computer) to be friends with the printer. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. If I need to buy new software I will.

Maybe George would be happier with OpenOffice (free)? Current version says that it can import Word Perfect files.

I was hesitant to reply to this, as it might be a spam-bot, etc.

But in the case it's real:


1) This is not a list for Windows support.

2) Generally, when weird things happen like what you describe, the quickest, most efficient fix is just to bite the bullet and reinstall a clean version of Windows. (It's this kind of brain-deadness in Windows that drove many of us from Windows to the much saner Debian operating system.)


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