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Re: Re: Problem running Corel WP

I am using Corel WP Office 2002

Last week I started having a problem.  When I sent something from WP to the printer - I received a Printer Error Message b80769ec.  Turn printer off and turn back on.  Which I did several time.  I thought it was my printer.  I have a HP OfficeJet G55.  Checked out the printer and it would print EMail, MWord and I could even make a card.  But WP is the one I want.  I do not like MWord.  When I dried to unistall the WP software and went into where it tells you to unistall or install, it was not listed at all.  So I reloaded the software and still no luck.  It will not communicate with the printer and I don't know how to tell  George (my computer) to be friends with the printer.  Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  If I need to buy new software I will.  I just don't want to buy it and that isn't the reason for my problem.

Thank you in advance
Liz Nonnemacher

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