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LogWatch + Postfix = TMI


I am running an almost pure sarge system with logwatch 5.2.2-5 and
postfix 2.2.4-1.0.1. All is well, except for the fact that logwatch
produces a bit too much output for my taste in the postfix section.
Specifically, all the statistics that Anvil prints are added to the
report as unmatched entries:

> **Unmatched Entries**
> statistics: max connection rate 1/60s for (smtp:x.x.x.x) at Dec  5
> +00:04:02
> statistics: max connection count 1 for (smtp:x.x.x.x) at Dec 5 00:04:02
> statistics: max cache size 1 at Dec  5 00:04:02
[and so on for several pages]

I tried to create /etc/logwatch/conf/ignore.conf with the following

> ".*max connection rate.*"
> ".*max connection count.*"
> ".*max cache size.*"

No idea whether the location or the contents are correct - I found the
documentation a tad light in that respect.

Is there a way to suppress those log messages without having to modify
the postfix filter? Would ignore.conf be the right approach? 
Any help would be much appreciated.


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