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Re: Alternative to Microcal Origin?

Bruno Buys wrote:
Is there any free software alternative to Origin, the chart plotting software, with deb packages? I´m looking for suggestions, and trying to figure which one people seem to like more.

I switched from Origin to gnuplot and never regretted it. It's a bit difficult to learn at the beginning, but IMHO much more powerful in the end. Another advantage is that it is easy to semi-automate repetitive data analysis and include useful tricks from the command line. If you save your gnuplot file it's easy to track down (and archive) how the data were treated exactly.

Of course having a proprietary file format, Origin should never be used for scientific applications (where you want to archive your data and analysis).

xmgrace is gui like Origin, ie. faster to learn, but in the end probably not as good at archiving and/or automating your evaluations.


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