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Re: playing DVDs from hard disk or CD

On 14:53, Mon 05 Dec 05, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 05 Dec 2005, Piszcz, Justin wrote:
> > Wrong way.
> > 
> > 1) Install mplayer from Debian-mar*
> > 2) Run: mplayer -dvd-device /dev/hdc dvd://1
> > 
> [snip] 
> I spent quite a long time recently trying to find a version of mplayer
> that would install on Debian (Sid) without success.
> Anthony
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> Anthony Campbell - ac@acampbell.org.uk 
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> on-line books and sceptical articles)

That's strange did you search google with marillat in the
search term? 

Also as noted above in this thread, you don't need mplayer to
play dvd's just the special *css which can be found with the
common search terms.

I personally like the way Ubuntu does it, they have a big
readme, and a script which downloads the codecc rather nice
I think. You don't even have to change the source list file.
Then again finding mplayer I really had no problems with adding the proper line to my source list file and using apt-get to get the proper files.

Now getting my system to play .ts files in another thing, I
just home that someone works out a better method of
playback. Or it forces me to upgrade my dual 1.2 mp's to
something that can handle those files.


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