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Re: Question: Maximum number of directories?

Gerorge Reece-Howe:
> I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of directories a
> single directory could hold? I assume the number of directories would
> be the limit (if any) to the number of databases MySQL could handle.

Does MySQL really use a directory in the filesystem for every DB?
Anyway, the maximum number of files in a directory (dirs are just
special files) is dependant on the filesystem you are using. I cannot
provide any numbers, but for every current FS the maximum should be too
high to reach under any but the most unusual circumstances. I have
Maildirs with more than 20,000 files in it and there are no problems.

> Would there be any adverse effects of doing this (with regard to
> either the system or the database)?

Performance might be an issue. AFAIK xfs and ReiserFS are known to be
better than ext[23] in this regard (but they may not be as well tested
as the standard filesystem.

> Is this the right place to be asking this kind of question?

I think so.

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