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Re: Graphire3 under debian sarge

Henk Boom wrote:

> *I'm having trouble installing my Graphire3 Wacom Tablet. I've installed
> wacom-kernel-modules-2.4.27-2-386 after having it compiled by
> wacom-kernel-source, and I have installed wacom-tools, but even after a
> reboot my tablet seems only to be recognized as a regular USB mouse. I'm
> using discover1 (not udev), and I don't know how to go about making this
> work. I might also add that my regular mouse is plugged in as a USB mouse.
> *

HINT, HINT: current linux is at version 2.6.xx. Using a stone-aged version 
like 2.4.27 might _not_ work with current hardware.

Clear text: install the 2.6.xx kernel, a package kernel-image-2.6-* should 
work (* might be 386, 686, k7 or another available sub-arch). If that does 
not work, look out for an even more recent kernel (current is 


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