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Re: 2.6.14 kernel woes

On Monday 28 November 2005 01:55, Jim McCloskey wrote:
>> What version of udev are you running? The standard kernel documentation
>> says that you should use nothing earlier and 058. Stable has 056,
>> Jim

>>I have not made the jumpt as of yet. Never could figure out how to use it. 
>Still doing devices, devfs the old-fashioned way. A probe and comvert script 
>to set it up might help.

>I was wondering: Do these kernels REQUIRE udev be used?

Devfs is NOT in the kernel. If one wants to compile it, one can put it there 
but it is not in the Sid stock kernel.

I have resited going to udev because I simply could not figure it out. What 
would be really nice: An instiallation script that takes the current 
working /dev and generates udev rules to reproduce it. One would be free to 
play with them afterwards, of course.

Note that the udev on Sid requires 2.6.12 or newer kernels so putting this on 
would demand that I leave 2.6.11 behind. If 2.6.14 still does not work, then 

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