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Re: reinstalled windows xp serious sarge unidentified problem ended in Kernel-panic please help....

Prakash Jose Kokkatt wrote:

> Hello,
> I encountered a kernel panic on sarge after M$ XP reinstalled,which i
> tried to recover by all ways which i know.i already recovered grub.the
> partition number descended by one number after windows reinstalled;Now
> i have  sata 80GB disk with '/' at sda8 and'/boot' at sda9.i already
> recovered grub.but the kernel panic which no other distros
> gave...please enlighten/help me getting this solved...
> here is the details:
> system startup handwritten :(

> VFS:Can't find ext3 filesystem on dev sda7. 

I'm not that familiar with grub, but it looks like it's looking for boot
information on sda7 rather than on sda8 or 9.


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