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Re: Using wine in Sarge

Am Fri, 02 Dec 2005 21:30:12 +0100 schrieb Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> I would install from source.
> I did but I am not a gamer so I got rid of it again. But it would be 
> interesting to try Call of Duty. At the time the games I tried acted the 
> same (fail) on the source version as on the old Sarge version you mention.
> Installing from source is a snap. Just follow the directions.
> But I do not know if it makes a difference with Call of Duty.
> H

I've tried that in the past and never had any luck - there always
seemed to be something I was missing, even though I thought I had
it on my system. Mind you, that was almost a year ago, so things may
be different now.
The game actually runs fine (better than in windows-it is opengl-based
after all) even under the Sarge wine. It's just that the anti-cheat
software packaged with it (called Punkbuster and used by 95% of the
servers out there) will only work reliably with more recent versions
of wine.

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