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Re: Using wine in Sarge

Les Gray wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using Debian for the last couple of months now. I came from Ubuntu, but switched because I prefer to build my system from a base install and choose only those packages that I want. I found I had fewer problems doing this in Debian so now it's Debian all the way! :)
> I started out using the Testing branch but have now switched to stable, to avoid (or at least minimise) package management headaches. I don't care if my apps aren't the latest version, and in any case I've found what I need in Sarge and just use backports to fill in the gaps.
> However, the version of wine in Sarge (20050310) is too old for my needs (which is to be able to play the game Call of Duty online). Because wine is not a priority for the Debian backporters I had to look elsewhere. A version from the early days of Etch (20050628) works so I have installed that instead (downloaded from snapshot.debian.net into my local repository).
> The thing is, this version of wine depends on a later version of libgcc1 than that used in Sarge (1:4.0.0-7 as against 1:3.4.3-13). The package info for libgcc1 says it's a "Shared version of the support library, a library of internal subroutines that GCC uses to overcome shortcomings of particular machines, or special needs for some languages.", but it's libc6 dependency is well within the bounds of Sarge. Apt didn't freak out when I installed it, and the package works fine. But am I still likely to run into problems somewhere along the line (say, if I want to rebuild my nvidia module or kernel)? I guess the proper way of doing things would be to backport it, but unfortunately I don't have the expertise to do that.
> Thanks in advance. 

It's not hard to backport some apps.  To create your own wine backport,
follow the advice from dpkg bot on #debian on freenode.  Once you have
joined the network, just /msg dpkg simple sid backport and he'll get you
on your way.  Good IRC clients are xchat if you like GUIs and irssi if
you don't.

Perhaps you would consider making the backported packages available to
others who might like them?  http://www.apt-get.org.

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