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Re: how to debug USB firmware loading?

michael wrote:

> would some kind soul point me to documentation on how to debug
> firmware that should be loaded when hotplug detects a new USB device?
> this is for 2.6.11 kernel. thanks,

If I have a usb storage device, the routine operation for me is to
insert the usb drive and then be tailing /var/log/messages
interactively to watch for a drive assignment.  At the same time, I
often take a peek at /proc/scsi/scsi and there should be a device
assignment and type there.  If I have something like my Treo 600, often
I just take a look at /var/log/messages or dmesg looking for a ttyUSB1
to come up.

Often with storage devices I have to re-insert the usb device more than
once since it seems that the usb-storage module gets wonky at times and
will not actually create the device although it appears to load in the
running kernel.  You could also check to make sure that usb-storage is
loaded.  There is also this little command line utility called lsusb
which works very nicely and will list all the usb devices it finds.

All my systems are self-compiled kernels running either 2.6.12 or later.

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